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Villiohra on löytynyt jo torstaina 16.3.2023

Videolla mies puhui vielä kuvaavasti, että hyvään maahan siemenensä päässyt villiohra on kypsynyt hienosti.

Sivustolta: Now for the videos. If they are a little fuzzy they are from my phone, I am a rookie at such things, and the girls can probably improve them later. However, they are clear enough to see exactly the quantities and the stage the wild barley growing in agricultural fields with good soil looks like and is.

Video number one is from one of our traditional fields after checkpoint charlie coming up out of the Jordan Valley. Many of you are familiar with it from years gone by.
Video number two is pointing out some very important characteristics of where acceptable wild barley grows. Its all about the soil!

Now for number three for the day. This is once again a traditionally early field. It has wheat, two row domestic barley, six row domestic barley and of course a lot of acceptable wild barley. What is it missing? Goat grass.

The wild barley is almost entirely aviv except for some random heads. The two row domestic is in the dough stages with some in aviv.

The six row is about 7-8 days behind in the dough stages which often happens.

All of these locations consist of many, many acres. We could have stopped at another 15 or 20 of our locations which were just as advanced as these and we will do so with a number of them when we do some instructional videos on Monday (weather permitting).

All of these fields are speaking in unison and in the past 5-7 days have made the grade we see today.

For those of you who use the first day of the Month as an aviv requirement you have the evidence of what you need. For those of us who use a latter date in the Month of Abib it is a cake walk for us as well.

As we have stated and where expecting, our traditionally early Central fields crush the South this year for all the reasons we have been stating in the reports over the past several months.

The crew wants to see some of the ”sites” on Sunday so you past inspectors know that means a trip to Mitzpe Ramon and all points in the south.

Hope today’s report can be of service to you.

Our peace we give to you!–v578